Located at the epicenter of many affluent trade routes between the East and the West, Dubai has played a dominant role for centuries in the international physical gold market, a dominance which has grown further over the past decades. Today,

Dubai is known as the City of Gold.

Company Profile

Welcome to ENRICH GOLD AND JEWELS: Your Precious Metal Trading Experts.

Established in 2023 in the vibrant city of Dubai, UAE, ENRICH GOLD AND JEWELS proudly serves as a premier trader of non-manufactured precious metals. With a strong local presence and an international reach, we provide our esteemed clients with a comprehensive selection of gold and silver products. In the Gold Segment, our discerning clients can explore a wide array of offerings, including Kilobar Bullion, Ten Tola Bar, Investment Bar, Scrap Gold, and Raw Gold. Each piece exudes timeless beauty and value, appealing to both seasoned investors and passionate collectors. For those intrigued by the allure of silver, our Silver Segment showcases exquisite Silver Bullion and Silver Grains, offering a remarkable opportunity to diversify investment portfolios.

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